AI Avatar Generation from Pose

   You can generate an AI avatar by simply specifying your desired pose, behavior, type of sport, as well as gender, age, hairstyle, makeup, and clothing. After checking the AI ​​avatar generation conditions, press the "Generate AI Avatar" button. You can enjoy extraordinary photos and portraits of your choice, whether in the sea or in the sky. For samples of generated avatars, please see Gallery of AI generation service.
Maximum size is 1024x1024 pixels for square, 860x1220 pixels or 766x1360 pixels for portrait. Please do not use the generated avatar for purposes that violate public order and morals, such as forging ID photos or using other people's images to slander. Please note that this function may not function depending on the conditions.
Examples of AI Avatar Generation from Pose

Generate by Setting the Generated Number and Conditions

If the number of avatars generated are 4 sheets, it will take more than 10 seconds. If the focus is on the "full body", it will take more than 20 seconds to generate 4 sheets.

Avatar Generation Conditions

Image Aspect Ratio

Focus on the Body

Camera Position

Model Gender

Basdic Model

Male Type

Male Body Type

Female Type

Female Body Type




[Clothing/Background settings are disabled]


Facial Expression


Hair Color

Eye Color

Skin Color

Eyebrow Condition

Lipstick & Eyeshadow




Cap & Hat

Clothes Color: Red-Pink-Orange

Clothes Color: Purple-Blue-Green

Clothes Color: Yellow-White-Black

Set Clothing

Tops for Women

Tops for Men


Flower Drawing


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