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   We will continue to enhance AI services related to images, audio, and videos. We are currently preparing AI services for videos, so please take advantage of our AI services for images and audio. For samples of works generated by AI services, please visit Gallery of AI generation services.

AI Services for Images

AI Avatar Generation from Pose

   This is a web application that allows you to create an avatar by specifying not only gender, age, hairstyle, makeup, and clothing, but also desired pose, behavior, type of sport, etc. Whether you're at sea or in the sky, you can create and enjoy extraordinary photos and portraits of your choice.
Examples of AI Avatar Generation from Pose
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AI Avatar Generation from Image

   This is a web application that allows you to create your ideal avatar based on uploaded photos by specifying model type, body type, hairstyle, makeup, clothing, etc., such as charming models or sexy models.
Examples of AI Avatar Generation from Image
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AI Face Fusion Service

   This is an "AI Face Fusion Service" that generates a photo that combines faces from two photos. You can generate a composite photo by simply specifying the source photo and the destination model photo. On this site, we have taken face fusion, a Face Fusion technology, one step further and are now able to synthesize higher-resolution photos.
Examples of AI Face Fusion
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AI Face Photo Restoration Service

   This is a service that uses a technology called GFP-GAN (Generative Facial Prior - GAN) to restore photos containing human and animal faces into high-quality photos. You can restore blurry photos such as photos of your loved ones or pets.
Examples of AI Face Photo Restoration
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AI Background Change Service

   This is an "AI Background Change Service" that makes the background transparent or changes it to a different selected image. This page is open for free, so please enjoy extraordinary images using high-quality background images generated by AI, such as world heritage sites such as the Pyramids and Acropolis, space, the ocean floor, and the aurora borealis.
Examples of AI Background Change
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AI Services for Voices

AI Text-to-Speech Service

   This is a service that reads out Japanese text and website content that you enter. It can also be used for reading aloud. This page is currently available for free.
   This is an example of reading aloud using the opening part of Natsume Soseki's "I am a cat." Punctuation and kana have been slightly changed from the original text to make it easier to read.
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AI Voice Conversion Service

   This is a service that uses AI technology called RVC (Retrieval-based-Voice-Conversion) to convert input Japanese text and voice data into the voice of your choice. Singing voices can also be converted.
   This is what happens when you generate Get Over by dream, the opening theme for the TV Tokyo anime series Hikaru no Go, using a singing voice synthesis program called NNSVN and convert it using a voice conversion service. Please see "Voice Conversion Service" for details.

Amitaro's Singing Voice

Tsukuyomi's Singing Voice

Male Singing Voice

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   Even if you use it anonymously without logging in, 30 points, which are valid for 24 hours, will be awarded every day, so you can enjoy the AI ​​avatar generation service. If you log in after registering as a user, you will receive the following benefits, so please register and enjoy. Please note that the number of points awarded each day will be adjusted depending on the congestion status of the AI ​​server.
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